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Presentation of Campus Responsables

Founded in 2006, Campus Responsables created the first French-speaking network of universities, "grandes écoles" and engineering and business schools committed to sustainable development. Indeed, this website aims to ease the sharing and dissemination of good practices, the tools and the resources needed to implement sustainability transformations in French-speaking campuses.

Campus Responsables is one of the two main projects developed by the French agency 'Graines de Changement' specialized in broadcasting positive information and inspiring projects related to sustainable development. The second most important project deals with responsible consumption and is known as ‘Mes courses pour la planète’. It targets a very large range of people  from children to teenagers and adults to make them aware of sustainable living. 

Our vision

Education is an essential way to change behavior and inspire positive action towards a more sustainable society, especially if it can impact future decision-makers (either in companies or the public administrations). Based on this statement, Campus Responsables aims to help French-speaking universities and "grandes écoles" in the following ways:

  • Give future decision-makers and citizens targeted information and practical tools to face future social and environmental challenges and train them to meet the future needs of the employment market concerning sustainable development related positions.
  • Be coherent with the demand expressed by civil society and the authorities – The 2005-2014 was named ‘Decade of Education for Sustainable Development’ by the United Nations.
  • Encourage a process of continuous improvement and progress in the field of sustainable development by highlighting innovative actions and initiatives, and sharing them with a larger public (for example other higher education campuses, media...).
  • Produce and give information about professional opportunities related to sustainable development since the proportion of students willing to integrate ethical criteria in their job search process is rapidly increasing (according to a 2012 survey by REFEDD, the French Students' Sustainable Development Network).
  • Anticipate future certification criteria (for example, AACSB International’s concern for ‘ethics education’ and diversity, and the development of the Global Compact project since 2004).
  • Save money, energy, resources, etc. (eco efficiency).
  • Involve and hold the interest of students and professors and network with other international actors.

Our missions

To achieve this goal of transforming consciousness through education, Campus Responsables has three main missions:

  • Encourage French-speaking universities and "grandes écoles" to integrate the concept of sustainability in their educational programs as well as in all their daily activities such as service provision to students and employees, green spaces...
  • Support them by providing them inspiring ideas, tools, practical advice and a framework for communication and action to improve their sustainable operations.
  • Encourage a ‘race to the top’ among campuses thanks to innovative communication and information tools such as the annual Good Practices Handbook, our website, the French-Speaking edition of the Green Gown Awards, etc.

How we work

  • Campus Responsables works essentially with Higher Education directors and administrations, and people in charge of sustainable development networks in France (on and off-campus, for example with REFEDD (the French Students' Sustainable Development Network) but also aborad (EAUC, AASHE, ISCN, etc.) to be constantly in touch with, and related to students and other campus' stakeholders.
  • Every year, Campus Responsables launches various projects about specific topics (campus footprint, sustainable catering, student well-being...) in order to give our campus members innovative and concrete tools to implement actions encouraging sustainable development.
  • Campus Responsables shares positive ideas and practices from France and abroad in order to inspire everybody, and especially campuses to adopt or transform practices.

Our member campuses

Any French-speaking university or “grande école” (management, engineering, etc.) can be a member of the Campus Responsables network and get involved into the specific projects Campus Responsables has implemented such as Catering Services Sustainable Standards. Our members are accompanied all year long to encourage and help sectors of a campus to achieve sustainability goals for which Campus Responsables provides them with specific services and tools. The campus’ actions are made visible through our website and publications.


Our main projects

Student well-being – guidebook and experimental French Tour

In 2013, Campus Responsables published a guidebook on « Student wellbeing – responsible alcohol consumption » (in French) after identifying its members needed information, resources and support on this touchy topic. The guidebook gives pratical information regarding alcohol consumption in France, some tools to assess the campus’ actions, and it highlights several good practices and programs developed in campus to help prevent and resolve problems.

In 2016 Campuse Responsables wanted to go further this guidebook and offered to its members to be part of a experimental French tour regarding student wellbeing and responsible alcholol consumption : 5 volunteers implemented within its campus operational actions, initatives and programs inspired by the guidebook to be fully committed towards their students wellbeing. Learn more about our student well-being projects here.



CAMPUS FOOTPRINT®, a national study to assess campuses' socio-economical and environmental impacts within their local territories

What is the added value of a campus on its territory ? Or what would be the loss of income if the campus was NOT on this territory ? The national study CAMPUS FOOTPRINT® aims to answer these questions by analysing several campuses. Discover the full study (in French) here, and do not hesitate to contact us to get an English press release.